Optimizing The Fitness Program

Fitness Score provides you and your personal trainer with the resources to customize your exercise program, improve your fitness score, and maintain it at an optimal level. With that said, training programs must be planned and adjusted only under the supervision of a qualified fitness specialist, who can help you achieve your goals in the safest and most effective way.
Note: Only a fitness or healthcare professional should interpret the test results and determine to introduce any changes to a fitness program.
The First Steps
A comprehensive initial evaluation provides valuable information for the personal trainer or exercise physiologist to design clients a personalized exercise program. Fitness Score is highly sensitive and can begin to detect changes in client fitness levels within just the first week of implementing a new and customized training regimen. A personal trainer can assist clients in measuring and interpreting their response to the new program and ultimately determine its effectiveness on an individual basis. Progress can then be regularly monitored throughout the training program to objectively track the client’s progress.
Reach Your Goals Faster
The Fitness Score application providers personal trainers with more resources to maximize the effect of a training program. Objective monitoring of the client’s response to a specific training program can allow for the evidence-based implementation of new techniques, exercise types, workload changes, intensity levels, or training durations.  
Fitness Score also facilitates early detection and prevention of both overtraining and undertraining. This is critical, as training in either extreme can adversely affect a client’s performance and fitness level. Frequent screening for these conditions can prevent a setback in the progression of a client’s fitness. 
Staying Fit
Once a client reaches and maintains his or her target fitness scores, regular fitness measurements should be taken to assure that he or she is staying on the right track.
It is important to keep in mind that fitness can be affected by a multitude of external factors, including changes in diet, lifestyle, activity, and stress. With Fitness Score, objective fitness measurements can be performed as frequently as desired by a client to evaluate the body’s response to these changes.