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The Fitness Score application measures physical fitness levels through evaluation of heart rate variability (HRV). Heart rate variability refers to physiologic fluctuations in the time between each heartbeat. These fluctuations normally occur in response to numerous external triggers including stress, hormone changes, or strong emotional flares. High variance in the intervals between heartbeats correlates with the functional integrity of the body’s interconnected systems and therefore is an indication of good health. For this reason, heart rate variability can provide an excellent metric for the assessment of one’s fitness level. Evaluation of heart rate variability can be quickly performed in just three to four minutes using a combination of simple body position changes and deep breathing.  
The Fitness Score APP allows all individuals ranging from the frail or elderly to well-trained endurance athletes or personal trainers to easily: 
  • Evaluate baseline fitness levels
  • Actively monitor the impact of a training program on current fitness levels
  • Detect transient or worrisome impairments in physiologic status
  • Instantly interpret up-to-date fitness score results 
The Fitness Score
Fitness is a key barometer of both your health and ability to perform activities of daily living, work, or athletics. Our fitness level depends on whether the body can effectively mobilize the physiologic resources needed to respond to physical stress. The Fitness Score application determines your fitness level by measuring two components essential to this process: 1) Functional capacity and 2) Adaptability. 
Functional capacity is a component of fitness that represents the ability of an individual to efficiently perform a task in a multitude of circumstances. Functional capacity serves as an indicator for overall well-being and can vary in response to acute stressors or major lifestyle changes. Functional capacity is scored on a scale from 1 (highest) to 13 (lowest). 
Adaptability measures the responsiveness of the cardiovascular system to physical activity and external triggers. Levels of adaptability are higher in individuals with a more responsive cardiovascular system. This metric can be significantly improved through proper diet and exercise. Adaptability is scored on a scale from 1 (highest) to 7 (lowest). 
Fitness scores within the lowest levels of functional capacity and adaptability (indicated by the red zone on the fitness chart) require urgent attention. Individuals in this zone should discontinue further exercise and consult a fitness or health care professional before engaging in additional physical activity.
Heart Rate Measuring Devices
Measurement of heart rate variability can be performed with the following devices:
  • POLAR H6, H7, H9 and H10 
    Test Results
    Fitness Score test results are calculated by our server using a monthly subscription. During the first ten days of using the service, the initial 20 test results will be free. Subscriptions will subsequently be renewed monthly. Each monthly subscription includes 100 tests that do not expire and can be performed on any of your devices using your login and password. If you run out of tests before a month is over, you may purchase an additional 100 tests via your subscription and begin using them immediately. 
    Note: Measurement belts should be moistened and securely fashioned before beginning a test. 
    Note: If a test is suddenly interrupted, please check that the BT (Bluetooth) icon is displayed and then restart the test.