The Fitness Score application is originally a component of the well-established Nerve-Express system (www.nerveexpress.com) used by both Chiropractors and Osteopathic physicians. In this role, the application provides healthcare providers with a rapid and easy-to-perform assessment of autonomic nervous system function before and after manipulative treatment or nutritional therapy. In addition, it allows for the determination of general fitness levels when combined with a simple orthostatic maneuver. From a scientific perspective, Fitness Score levels were shown to correlate strongly with well-established methods for fitness testing, including measurement of maximum oxygen consumption during increasingly difficult exercise (VO2 max).
Through this use, it became apparent that Fitness Score could be used as a tool for conveniently assessing the overall physiologic status of people spanning all fitness levels. In contrast to more complex methods, the Fitness Score application can be easily implemented by individuals ranging from the frail and elderly to well-trained athletes and fitness professionals. By using the Fitness Score application, any of these individuals can objectively track the use of their physiologic resources as easily as they currently track their financial resources through a banking application. Moreover, the Fitness Score application allows anyone to check the physiologic required for any number of routine activities, such as drinking a cup of coffee or engaging in sexual activity. 
The Fitness Score application displays the Fitness Chart with functional capacity on the X-axis and adaptability on the Y-axis. Therefore, an action or activity that moves the Fitness Score up and/or left on the chart is consistent with a positive response and improved fitness levels In contrast, actions or activities that move the Fitness Score down and/or right represent a negative response and worsening fitness levels. This simplified assessment allows individuals to monitor the impact of each of their daily activities on their physiologic status, allowing them to adjust or organize them more appropriately. In this manner, the Fitness Score application serves as the first instrument to allow individuals to quantify their overall physiological status objectively and accurately.