Fitness Score guides you throughout the entire personal exercise program, and gives you and your personal trainer the resources to improve your fitness score and keep it at the optimal level. It is essential that the program is planned and adjusted only under the supervision of a qualified fitness specialist, who can help you achieve your goals in a most safe and effective way.
Only a fitness professional should interpret the test results and determine introduce any changes to a fitness program.

The first steps
A comprehensive initial evaluation provides valuable information for the personal trainer or exercise physiologist to design your personalized program.
Effect of the new program
The system is so sensitive that it can detect changes in the fitness level within the first week of implementation of a new program. A personal trainer can measure the client’s response to the new program and see how effective it is.
Monitor the progress
Evaluate the client’s fitness on a regular basis to monitor improvement throughout the entire program.

Reach the goal faster
With Fitness Score device a personal trainer has more resources to maximize the effect of a training program. You can adjust the program at any time since you are able to monitor the client’s reaction to any new methods, types of exercise, change in workloads, intensity levels, or amount of exercise each week.
Overtraining and undertraining: early detection and prevention
Both of these extremes adversely affect the client’s performance and fitness level. With Fitness Score these states are easily detectable. Frequent screenings help to detect early signs of overtraining and prevent further reduction of the fitness score.

Staying fit
After a client reaches his or her target fitness scores and stays with the program that is optimal, regular fitness measurements should be taken to assure that he or she is staying on the right track.
Other factors affecting fitness

Our fitness, or ability to mobilize the body’s resources in response to physical stress, is variable and can be affected by many factors such as changes in physical activity, diet, and to stress or changes in lifestyle. You can take fitness measurements as often as you wish or to see the body’s response to these changes!