Dynamic-Express Device

Dynamic-Express is the first computer-based, fully automated system for quantitative assessment of Physical Fitness level based on Heart Rate Variability analysis during exercise.

The system uses sophisticated algorithms to evaluate Physical Fitness and detects overtraining.

The system produces precise and highly reproducible results.
The evaluation is based on exercise on a bicycle-ergometer or treadmill. Dynamic-Express uses a convenient “Zephyr” strap with bluetooth transmitter to collect R-R interval data for analysis. The test takes approximately 25-30 minutes to administer. The results of the analysis are presented in a user-friendly interface, are conveniently stored in client database and can be printed at any time.
Fitness evaluation by Dynamic-Express is based on analysis of two parameters:

1. The Level of Physical reserve, which is determined by Chronotropic Myocardial Reaction, exercise intensity and length      of the Short Recovery period.  The Short Recovery period calculated as a time when Heart Rate became 72% of base line.

2. Dynamic ability level, which is based on functionality of all regulating mechanisms involved during Long Recovery period. The Dynamic-Express system utilizes a new approach for assessment of Long Recovery effectiveness by calculation time when all regulation mechanisms, not only Heart Rate, recover to base line.

Dynamic-Express Device