FitnesScore system provides a quantitative assessment of the level of physical fitness.

The evaluation is based on the most precise and comprehensive method available to exercise physiology today analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

HRV, or variability of beat-to-beat interval length, is recognized as a reliable indicator of the fitness condition. The fitness assessment is based on a simple 3-4 minute lying-to-standing test.

FitnesScore is suitable for a broad range of customers: from the top athletes to the sick and the elderly and can be used by personal trainers and exercise physiologists as well as by individual clients. The system can be used for initial evaluation, monitoring the progress and providing immediate feedback on any changes to the fitness condition.



This allows the exercise physiologist to optimize the training program by choosing the most effective approach for a particular client.

The system has a client database where information about each client and their tests is stored.

Fitness professional should interpret the test results and determine introduce any changes to a fitness program.

A comprehensive initial evaluation provides valuable information for the personal trainer or exercise physiologist to design your personalized program.

The system is so sensitive that it can detect changes in the fitness level within the first week of implementation of a new program.

A personal trainer can measure the client’s response to the new program and see how effective it is.